News about the attitude of HMRC towards Australian QROPS Jeremy's update page since 6 April 2015 transfers of UK pensions to Australia stopped affecting migrants and emigrants to Australia from the UK and Australian ex=pats who have pensions to transfer which they can't any more because of the new QROPS rules. News about the pension release rule under Reg 3 of the Pension Schemes (Categories or Country and Requirements for Overseas Pension Schemes and Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) Regulations 2006. News about the amendment which provided that in order for an Australian SMSF to be able to apply for QROPS status (or keep QROPS status on renotification or when asked for confirmation) it must satisfy the following requirement (which we may call "the pension release requirement") the benefits payable to the member under the scheme, to the extent that they consist of the member's relevant transfer fund, are payable no earlier than they would be if pension rule 1 in section 165 applied. This is a reference to the Finance Act 2004 Part 4. Amendment to deed. Amendment to rules of the QROPS fund. SMSF too that is Self Managed Superannuation Fund. And the decision was made that ROPS are no longer QROPS. ROPS being Registered Overseas Pension Scheme. Which means that a transfer of UK pension is an unauthorised payment from 6 April 2015. News about whether a scheme restricting membership to those over 55 will work. Amendments to UK pension law and to Australian superannuation law to correct matters and restore the status quo. Latest on these issues for UK migrants. Whether I need to complete form APSS251B as requested by HMRC.